Comedy Stage Hypnotist Middlesbrough

The Location

Middlesbrough is a lively place full of entertainment, but it is missing something and that something is the amazing comedy stage show talents of James Henry.


If you’re planning an any kind of event in Middlesbrough then book James’ show right now and you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed. This man has travelled throughout the United Kingdom delivering his comedy stage hypnotist show to a wide range of audiences including charity nights, birthday parties, club functions and weddings meaning he is suited to almost any occasion.

James is one of the North East’s leading hypnotists and is no stranger to the Middlesbrough area as he has carried out his magic at Sedgefield Cricket Club and Sedgefield Racecourse in the past, as well as many other shows in the North East.

What sets this show out from others is that James tailors his performance to suit the needs of his audience. He will meet with clients prior to going on stage to understand what will get that particular audience going, what will get the most laughs and what will make them always remember your special party or function.

If you want to secure this fantastic comedy stage hypnotist middlesbrough show for your event then book now as James is in very high demand and dates get taken up fast.

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