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Comedy Stage Hypnotist – James Henry

If you want your party, event or venue to be talked about for a long time then look no further than the amazing hypnotic world of the North East’s favourite Hypnotist, James Henry. Whether you are organising entertainment for a private party, hen night, engagement party or whether you own a club, pub or hotel, you will be astounded by the popularity and success of The James Henry Stage Hypnosis Show.

When you confirm your booking, James will work with you to create a unique hypnotic show for your event. This means that you get the best package available to you. A hypnotic stage show is the perfect alternative to the usual singer comedian or band as the entertainment is provided not by the hypnotist but by those members of the audience who through hypnosis become the stars of the show. Contact James now, on our contact page.


It particularly lends itself to social-club functions, pubs or private parties where something different is required. The most shy and retiring person can be seen performing a variety of exuberant and extrovert sketches that will have the audience in fits of laughter. James Henry’s act is a professional demonstration of the world’s most amazing comedy hypnotism.

To laugh with and never humiliate

As James says I’m here to make people laugh, and that’s exactly what I do. James describes his routines as daft, funny and sometimes a little cheeky, but he stresses I never set out to humiliate or embarrass anyone. I never go beyond the carry on slapstick style of humour that all audiences love irrespective of whether they are young or old .

James’s years of experience in the entertainment world have taken him around the UK as well as making him one of the most sought after hypnotists & entertainers. He is, without a doubt, a master hypnotist who is making hypnosis hip. James’s stage hypnotist show bonds colleagues and co-workers together like no other show. His performances are funny and always in good taste. His show has been specially tailored for audiences of professionals and is therefore ideal entertainment for company events and association gatherings.

James is always happy to speak with you to make sure you’re comfortable with the routines and the details of the performance. He’ll tailor your show to make sure it’s perfectly appropriate for your audience and your event.

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