Green Screen Dream Machine Photo Booth


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“Probably the most advanced photo booth in the world using a massive 42″ touch screen”

Our brand new green screen dream machine allows users to choose from more than 600 print and background combinations using the magic of chroma key green screen technology. So basically when you hire a Green Screen Dream Machine, each and every time someone enters the booth they are presented with all 7 options, unlike the traditional photo boot were you only get the one option, with this you get all of the options in one machine. They can choose from, Classic booth, Greenscreen booth, 3D booth, Time machine, Around the world, Big Edz or Magazine covers. We have demonstrated this below with photo images but remember you get ALL of the options not just one!

The options are:


Lets your guests choose the curtain colour they prefer: Red, Black, Pink, White or Blue.



Let your guests choose where they want to go, with 10 options of places (each having 4 different images). The choices are: Viva las Vegas, Glitzy, Big Top Circus, On Safari, I love the 50’s, Holiday in Paradise, I love the 70’s, Sporting Venues, Enchanted Forest or Vintage Wallpaper.



With the added twist of 3D pictures, let your guests choose where they want to go, with 10 options: Dinosaur park, Abstract, Hollywood, Four seasons, Underwater, I love the 60’s, Racing cars, I love the 80’s, In the jungle or Retro video games.



Let your guest choose how far back in time they want to go, with choices dating back to 37BC, the options are: Ancient Egypt, Roman Empire, Medieval, Golden Age of Piracy, Wild West, Prohibition or World War II



Let your guests travel the world, choosing where they would like togo: Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Asia, Africa or Antarctica.



Let your guests firstly choose how many people there are in their
photo (1,2 or 3), then choose which bodies they would like their heads
superimposed upon: Super heroes, Muscle beach, On the job, M I Spy,
or Out of this world.



Let your guests choose to be the stars of a magazine front cover,
with 5 choices hey will certainly get the result they want! Magazines
are: V.I.P, Wedding, Lads, Pop Hits or The Booth.



All photos are printed the same size (6” x 4 “)
However let your guests choose how they would like
their photos to be printed: Double passport strips, One
large and four small photos, Four photo postcard or
Twisted mosaic.



Let your guests choose the colour they would like their
photos printed in: Colour, Black & White or Vintage.

Photos are shot against a green screen curtain using a high quality DSLR camera and printed instantly using a high quality Dye Sub Printer which are instantly dry and ready to take away within just 10 seconds!

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